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Double Glazing

Double Glazing to Enhance your Privacy, Comfort and Security

For absolute efficiency and to keep the heat outside in the summer months and inside during the winter months, consider double glazing. It reduces outside noise and keeps the interior of the home, apartment or office cool in the summer and warm during the cooler months. Cut your energy costs substantially this year.

Double glazing is a great idea for those in the Gold Coast area. Living close to the water draws more UV light your way. This brings more heat inside in the summer months. The secondary glazing helps to keep the heat out so the cooling unit can do its job properly. It is more eco-friendly too.

Double glazing also helps to keep outside noises from being heard inside by 80-percent so you can enjoy quiet family time or concentrate in your office environment. . Make your home, apartment or office more energy efficient as well.

Having proper windows in the home, apartment or office is important for safety and efficiency. Old, tattered windows are incapable of maintaining efficiency. Replacing these windows is the ideal solution.

All Coast Glass & Mirror will provide exactly what you need and our friendly, experienced staff will discuss the options for the correct materials to suit your building and environment. We will provide an accurate estimate based upon the needs of your home, apartment or office and budget.

Call us to see if Double Glazing is right for you.