All Coast Glass & Mirror | Emergency Glass Services Southport
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Emergency Glass Services Southport

Emergency Glass Services Southport

Regardless of the reason for the emergency, All Coast Glass & Mirror can come to you right away anywhere along Gold Coast. Perhaps you’re preparing a waterfront rental property for expected guests and realize a window has been broken. Just call in and we’ll be on the way.  Our expert technicians will make sure that the property is ready upon their arrival.

Storm Damage

The Southport area can experience heavy storms with dangerous winds. This leaves debris flying about that can break windows. Contact your insurance company and then call us for service. We understand the nature of the emergency and will have the window replaced in no time. Even in the middle of the night, you can call All Coast Glass & Mirror for emergency services.

Vandalism or Break-ins

Although this is an upscale area, vandalism and break-ins can occur. One of the most common ways for vandals to gain access to a home is by breaking a window or glass panel in a door. Consider replacing traditional windows with toughened glass or have a secondary glaze applied. These measures help to make it harder for criminals to get inside.

Anytime that you have a broken window that is quite noticeable, it is an emergency. If your home has been vandalised, broken into or dangerous storms have damaged windows, we’ll return your sense of security to you as quickly as possible. We understand that it is an uneasy feeling to have a gaping hole showing to anyone that passes by. Looters and criminals will see this as an invitation to enter the home and take what they want. In this kind of emergent situation, leave lights on until we arrive and make sure that there is ample noise within the home to prove that the property is not vacant.