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Mirrors & Screens

Glass Replacement for Mirrors and Screens in your Kitchen, Bathrooms and Bedrooms

Whether you are simply updating your Gold Coast home, apartment or office, or preparing it for sale, new mirrors and screens make kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms look fresh and inviting. The Gold Coast is a prime real estate location in Australia and potential homebuyers expect only the best inclusions in these homes.

Updating your home apartment or office can provide substantial real estate gains. Upgrading shelving, shower screens and mirrors in your home is attractive to potential homebuyers and holiday renters.


Clear glass screens and frameless enclosures are the latest trend in bathroom renovation. Having a shower that appears to be open and endless makes the space seem spa-like. It keeps smaller bathrooms looking and feeling larger while adding a feeling of luxury to your space.


Create a spa-like bathroom by removing old, tired shower doors and installing “invisible” shower screens. The clear glass connects the indoors and outdoors by allowing more light through. The glass shower screens also help light bounce around the space, brightening up dark or dreary bathrooms, making it an oasis.


If you require a sense of privacy, consider coloured or slightly tinted glass rather than traditional clear glass. For a shower that is placed near a window, a coloured or tinted option tones down the intensity of the sun in the early morning when you shower. The glass shower screens are frameless and virtually seamless.


To maintain a modern design in the bedroom, consider mirrored or coloured glass wardrobe doors. Coloured doors are painted glass that can be made to match the existing colour scheme in the space. Consider adding glass shelving inside the closet space for folded clothing and/or shoes. This is a great idea for maintaining a cohesive design.


Add a touch of class to your new home by maintaining mirrored surfaces throughout the whole house, not just the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Exterior mirrors and mirrored walkways can add a special feature to any modern home.


If you have cracked or chipped mirrors and screens around you home, apartment or office it may be time to get them refreshed and repaired. These upgrades are affordable and add to the wow factor of the bathroom and bedroom spaces.


Consider replacing traditional shower enclosures with glass shower screens so that you can see the beautiful landscape from the shower too.

Call us to get that new look and feel you’ve been wanting and make that upgrade happen. We even install glass pool fencing. We can come to you to provide a professional quote.