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Upper Coomera Mirrors and Screens

Upper Coomera Mirrors and Screens

The urban vibe in Upper Coomera leaves many wanting luxury and high-end finishings in their homes. A few upgrades with seamless and frameless screens creates the luxury effect that many seek in a bathroom. Coloured and mirrored wardrobe doors add a touch of class to bedroom spaces. All Coast Glass & Mirror serves the entire Gold Coast and is happy to complete these upgrades for you. These simple upgrades, especially a frameless shower screen apparatus, can add value to your home.


Luxury in the Bathroom

Having an open shower area makes the space seem bigger. It also lets more light come through from the fixtures in the space. For those with Claustrophobia or other enclosure disorders benefit very much from this setup. Glass shower screens are simply a way to keep the water and steam inside the space and do not make it seem like an enclosed space.

For a bit of privacy, consider a coloured or tinted shower screen option. It will also help to reduce the vivid sunlight from blinding you in the early morning hours.


Coloured and Mirrored Wardrobe Doors

Instead of flimsy wooden wardrobe doors, consider these options instead. Coloured glass can be custom painted to match the existing colour scheme of the bedroom or storage area. This shows potential homebuyers that you’ve paid attention to every detail. Mirrored options provide a way for those living in a residence to preview their outfit before leaving for the day. These are attractive and timeless options for a bedroom space that rarely require repair or replacement.

Count on All Coast Glass & Mirror to supply the highest quality shower screens and wardrobe doors for your home. All of our items are made with expert craftsmanship and are installed carefully to ensure durability and absolute safety when opening either entry. We’re not only available for scheduled appointments, we also offer emergency services.