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Southport Mirrors and Screens

Southport Mirrors and Screens

Whether you are simply updating your Southport home or are preparing it for sale, new mirrors and screens do make shower areas and bedrooms seem fresh and appealing. Southport is a prime real estate location and potential homebuyers expect only the best finishings in homes. You can also get top dollar for your rental property anywhere in along the Gold Coast area with these simple updates.

Frameless Shower Screens

Frameless showers are trending all around the world. Having a shower that appears to be open and endless makes the space seem spa-like. It keeps smaller bathrooms looking and feeling larger while adding an upscale feel to the space.

If you wish for a bit of privacy, consider coloured or slightly tinted glass rather than traditional clear glass. For a shower that is placed near a window, a coloured or tinted option tones down the intensity of the sun in the early morning as you enter the shower before going to work or other activities.

Mirrored and Coloured Wardrobe Doors

To maintain a modern design in the bedroom, consider mirrored or coloured wardrobe doors. Coloured doors are painted glass that can be made to match the existing colour scheme in the space. This is a great idea for maintaining a cohesive design. Some homeowners prefer mirrored doors to view their outfits before leaving the house for the day. This is ideal for homes that do not have other ideal placements for full length mirrors.

Shower screens and mirrored wardrobe doors in the home are high-end finishing that discerning potential holiday property renters and potential homebuyers expect. These upgrades are affordable and add to the wow factor of the bathroom and bedroom spaces. All Coast Glass & Mirror provides expert craftsmanship and seamless installation for all of your residential glass needs. We’re available for emergencies too.